Palm/Passion Sunday

May the Church share the humility of our Servant-King, who comes to His world not with the force of power but with the power of love, and so serve the world in its struggles with a humble compassion: we pray both wisdom and courage for Pope Francis and all our bishops

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD
               [response:]           GIVE US LIFE!

For the unity of the whole Church gathered at the foot of the Cross this week:  that all Christians in our diverse traditions may move from arrogance to humility, from dogmatism to openness, from division to communion

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD

For all who hold authority and government in both Church and State, that they may serve the peace of the world, the dignity of every human person, the justice and protection of the innocent and vulnerable, especially refugees and those seeking safe asylum and all victims of human trafficking: we pray for the peace of the Holy Land and the whole Middle East region, with the building of a Fellowship of all believers in the service of a more stable and just world

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD

For all prisoners: that those held unjustly be released soon; that those rightfully convicted be held in conditions worthy of children of God; that our penal system be reformed to serve rehabilitation more than punishment: we pray for all prison chaplains at this time

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD

That this Holy Week may see us renew our commitment to Jesus Christ, to his mission of love and mercy in the world;  for the Church’s catechumens receiving Sacraments of Initiation and all those on the ‘Journey of Faith’; that those who have given up their faith may hear again the Good News and return to Christ;  that those who have never believed may find New Life in Christ’s Crucified Love

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD

That the wounds of Christ may be healing for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and for the sick of body and mind:   especially for the sick and housebound ….
that the death of Christ will bring eternal life to all who have died recently, especially … and all killed in conflict and war;
for anniversaries at this time ….

               [Reader:]               COME CRUCIFIED LORD

Let us stand with Mary, before the Cross of a suffering world, and pray in particular for a lasting peace in the Land we call ‘Holy’ …  

                            HAIL MARY…

Let us be still before our Crucified God…

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