PRIEST:         As we draw nearer to Holy Week,  the conflict looms larger:  the conflict between Jesus and the religious authorities of his time;  the conflict between life and death,  light and darkness,  condemnation and forgiveness.  We hear in today’s Gospel how Jesus heals and forgives the women taken in adultery,  brings her and us new life,  and will not condemn and judge.  He expects us his church and disciples to do the same – fling wide open the Gates of God’s Mercy.  Or are we no better than the Pharisees he challenged?

READER:            For the ways we seek to shift guilt and responsibility
                                           from ourselves onto others;
                                 for the ways we judge and condemn, not looking into our own hearts
                                                       LORD HAVE MERCY…

For inequalities between men and women in society,  in the Church,
                                in our own community,  in our hearts;
                                for prejudices of every kind

                                                        CHRIST HAVE MERCY…

Because our God is radical acceptance, limitless love, endless mercy;
                               that we might learn how to accept and forgive,
                               live with compassion and understanding

                                                        LORD HAVE MERCY…

PRIEST:       May Father of all compassion embrace us with love without limit;
                         may Jesus our Saviour accept us with a mercy that knows no end;
                         may the Life-giving Spirit enter our hearts,
                        renew in us mercy and forgiveness to offer the world;
                        and bring us all to everlasting life…


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