7th Sunday of the Year YC

PRIEST: Today we hear how David refuses to give way to vengeance on King Saul; St Paul tells us to become more and more like Jesus, the heavenly man; and Jesus himself confronts us with the foolishness of God! He challenges us to love our enemies,  to return blessing for a curse.  He urges us to share the very compassion of God with a generous and giving heart. It is foolish talk,  unrealistic idealism for the world …  Is it the same for us?  Or have we the courage to live the foolish generosity of God here and now?

READER:    Jesus says: ‘Love your enemies’ …
                          when we hold onto grudges,
                          past hurts,  and meaningless animosities

                                            LORD HAVE MERCY

Jesus says: ‘Give to everyone who asks you’ …
                         for meanness of heart and pocket,  for lack of generosity
with our time, our energy and our caring

                                            CHRIST HAVE MERCY

Jesus says: ‘Be compassionate – do not judge’ …
                         when we ignore or make ourselves blind to the suffering of others,
                         because it will cost too much;
                         for being judgemental rather than forgiving and understanding

                                            LORD HAVE MERCY

PRIEST:     May the compassionate Father embrace us;
                       may Jesus who died for love of his enemies and ours forgive us;
                      may the Spirit given so generously empower us to be
                     servants of reconciliation and peace;
                     and bring all the world to everlasting life…


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