Penitential Rite & Blessing of Advent Wreath 1st Sunday

PRIEST:  My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
We have come to the Holy and Joyful Season of Advent, these four weeks of preparation … learning to watch with faith for the Coming of the Lord in Glory … learning to welcome with love our brother Jesus who has already come … learning to yearn with hope for the final coming of the Kingdom upon the earth.
Let us now sing the ancient prayer of our Christian forebears, ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’

[proceed to wreath]

Let us pray…
O God, Father and Mother of all Life, by your Word all things are made holy. Send forth your Blessing upon our Advent Wreath, and upon our parish family: may we use this sign of Your growing Light to prepare our hearts and minds to serve Your Kingdom, and so hasten that day when the Lord Jesus will come in His Glory … In the Name of the Father, + the Son, and the Holy Spirit … AMEN!

READER:  The purple candles and ribbon call us to repentance,making our
hearts wide open and ready for His Coming:
Lord, grant us the grace of conversion to your Gospel this Advent…

                                                              SUNG RESPONSE

The circle of evergreen reminds us that God is ever faithful to us,
                         in His love and mercy that never ends:
Lord, forgive us all our unfaithfulness to your call to love…

                                                              SUNG RESPONSE

The red berries make us mindful that Jesus came among us
                         to die on a Cross, & that we drink the Cup of His Redeeming Blood:
Lord, by Your wounds we are healed,
                          and by Your death we are freed from the death of sin…

                                                               SUNG RESPONSE

PRIEST:  O Lord, stir up Your might and come!
                     Be our protector and liberator; rescue us from the dangers that
threaten us because of our sins,
                                 and lead us to our salvation, for ever and ever… AMEN!

Let us now sing once more ‘Come Lord Jesus…’  

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