Penitential Rite for the Feast of the Christ the Universal King

PRIEST: As the Church’s Year draws to a close, we celebrate Jesus Christ, King of all Creation. We celebrate He who came with a dream for the world, for the Universe – a dream of creation alive with divine love, drawn together in the deepest Unity in Christ. We celebrate our Brother who suffered and died on the Cross to make this Dream a reality. On this great Feast, which is also National Youth Sunday, we ask ourselves the question:  does Jesus reign in our hearts and in our lives? Do we share His Dream with our young people and draw them joyfully to serve His Kingdom? Does the quality of our loving reveal the Servant King to our wounded world? Do we serve each other and the broken of our world in the name of our King? Do we serve our own kingdom rather than God’s Kingdom?

READER: When we have thought only of our own needs and desires,
when we have given into our selfishness
and not become servants to those among whom we live…


When we have not offered the time, the energy and the gifts God has given us to build up the Body of Christ in our parish, and to transform our world into His Kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace…


Because Christ our King comes to the world in all its poverty and brokenness, to speak the Word of Forgiveness, Mercy and Healing that brings about His Kingdom…


PRIEST: May the all-merciful God, our Lord and King,
touch our hearts with His reconciling love;
fill our community with the peace of His Kingdom;
and renew among us the fire of His Spirit;
and so bring us and all the world to everlasting life…


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