Penitential Rite for 33rd Sunday

PRIEST: That Jesus will come again is certain … when and how is unknown.  As Advent draws near,  the Liturgy leads us to reflect on the meaning of the vivid images in the Gospel about the Day of the Lord’s Return.  We are challenged to be a People of constant expectancy, always straining our eyes and hearts to watch and work with love for his coming.  Let us repent and so make room for him as he comes to us…

READER: For the superficiality that often marks our lives; 

for our lack of prayer that fails to watch and welcome…


When we needlessly add to the distress of others 

by thoughtlessness,  lack of real listening 

and our readiness to judge…


When we fail to recognise his coming 

in the offer of friendship or the cry of need,  

in wounds to be loved into healing 

and hungers to be filled with compassion


PRIEST: May the God who comes embrace our sin and sets us free for loving compassion;  May the Lord who will return prepare our hearts with his mercy and forgiveness; May the Spirit who is to fill all creation come with a peace that will reconcile all to each; and bring us all creation to everlasting life…


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