SUNDAY:    PARISH MASS at 10.00am
                         Stations of the Cross, prayed for Peace in the Middle East at 1.15pm

MONDAY:         Adoration at 8.30am      Service of Word and Communion at 9.00am

TUESDAY:       Reception of William Nicholls RIP at 5.00pm
                    Adoration at 5.30pm   Evening Mass at 6.00pm, followed by Scripture sharing group

WEDNESDAY:   Requiem Mass for William Nicholls RIP at 10.30am
                          Adoration at 6.30pm   Evening Mass at 7.00pm

THURSDAY:   Feast of the Chair of St Peter - praying for the Ministry of Pope Francis
                       Lenten School Mass at 9.30am
                       Mass at 12.00 noon, followed by Adoration until 1.30pm

FRIDAY:     CAFOD LENTEN FAST DAY - Prayer and Fasting for the poorest of the world
                    Adoration  8.15am   Morning Prayer at 8.45am   Mass at 9.00am
                                  Monthly Taizé Prayer around the Cross at 7.30pm

SATURDAY:     Adoration  8.30am  Morning Prayer at 9.15am   Mass at 9.30am
                                Sacrament of Reconciliation:      after Mass and 4.30-5.00pm

TODAY    [1]   Our journey of Lenten Renewal and Conversion having just begun, on the First Sunday of Lent we celebrate Jesus who defeats evil, resists the temptations of power and begins to transform the deserts of our own making (in our hearts and in our war-torn and poverty stricken world) into the Garden of Resurrection and New Life. Let us walk with Him, be converted more deeply and come to New Life in all its fulness!
[2]    Stations of the Cross at 1.5pm - please come and pray the stations for the peace of the world, for our asylum/refugee brothers and sisters and for all the world’s suffering people.
[3]   Holocaust Memorial Joint Christian-Jewish Service at 4.00pm - please support this unique service on the theme ‘the Power of Words’ - an opportunity to pray alongside our Jewish brothers and sisters whom Pope Francis calls ‘our elder brothers’ 

NEXT SUNDAY   [1]    On the Second Sunday of Lent we celebrate the glorious humanity of Jesus as revealed on the Mountain of the Transfiguration. As he and his disciples (and we with them) journey to the Cross, we are given a glimpse of the glory of God-touched humanity that is Jesus and us! If only we had eyes and heart to see each as clothed in divine glory - we could never tolerate war or poverty or injustice or slavery! Let us pray for such eyes and heart!
[2]   Retiring Collection of the proceeds from CAFOD Lenten Fast Day - please be as generous as you can and spend this Lent in solidarity and communion with our poorest sisters and brothers.
[3]   Stations of the Cross at 1.15pm - praying for an end to modern slavery and human trafficking - please come and bring your children to this ancient devotion of the Church.
[4]   Mass for Senior Citizens at 3.00pm, followed by refreshments - all welcome.
[5]   Multi-Faith Diverse Open Doors Day gives us an opportunity to welcome visitors to our church - so please be ready to welcome any visitors we may have from Mass time until after the Senior Citizens Mass. It is important that our church building (and our community) is open warmly to welcome whoever might come. Thank you.


Sunday          Genesis 9: 8-15/ Psalm 24 / 1 Peter 3: 18-22 / Mark 1: 12-15

Monday         Leviticus 19: 1-2, 11-18/ Psalm 18 / Matthew 25: 31-46

Tuesday        Isaiah 55: 10-11 / Psalm 33 / Matthew 6: 7-15

Wednesday   Jonah 3: 1-10 / Psalm 50 / Luke 11: 29-32

Thursday      1 Peter 5: 1-4  / Psalm 22 / Matthew 16: 13-19

Friday            Ezechiel 18: 21-28 / Psalm 129 / Matthew 5: 20-26

Saturday      Deuteronomy 26: 16-19 / Psalm 118 / Matthew 5: 43-48

DIOCESAN PRAYER  The Diocese prays for the Parish in Communion for Mission of St Catharine, Frome with St Dominic’s, Mells served by Canon Richard Dwyer, Deacon David Brinn, Parish Administrator Anna Pang and both communities. We pray also for Bishop Crispian Hollis, retired Bishop of Portsmouth, who lives in the parish.