SUNDAY:    PARISH MASS  at 10.00am
                         EUCHARISTIC ADORATION 1.00-1.30pm

MONDAY:  Feast of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian Abbot & Theologian (1090-1153)
                   Adoration at 8.30am    Service of  Word and Communion at 9.00am 

TUESDAY:      Feast of St Pius X, Pope, Liturgical Reformer (1835-1914)
                       Adoration at 5.30pmEvening Mass at 6.00pm

WEDNESDAY:     Feast of Mary, Queen of Heaven
                            Adoration at 6.30pm    Evening Mass at 7.00pm

THURSDAY:   Feast of St Rose of Lima, first saint of the Americas (1586-1617)
                       Mass at 12.00 noon, followed by Adoration until 1.30pm

FRIDAY:     Feast of St Bartholomew, Apostle
                    Adoration  at 8.15am   Morning Prayer at 8.45am   Mass at 9.00am
                      Nuptial Mass for Ashley Tardivo and Cynthia Ochieng at 10.30am

SATURDAY:     Adoration  at 11.30am Mass at 12 noon
                               Sacrament of Reconciliation:      after Mass and at 4.30pm only 

TODAY   [1   ]The Twentieth Sunday of the Year celebrates the utter reality of Jesus’ presence among us in this ‘inestimable gift’ of the Eucharist. We really do eat His Body, we really do Drink His Blood - so that we can become His Body and Blood in our 21st century world. Jesus speaks with daring, scandalous reality about his sacrificial love we find in the Eucharist. Let us never hesitate to come to Him, eat and drink with Him and of Him and find a new courage to love! As St Maximilian Kolbe said: ‘Only love is a creative force’.
[2]   30 minutes of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 1.00-1.30pm - Theme: The Eucharist - Presence of the Emmanuel ‘God ever with us’.

NEXT SUNDAY   [1]   The Twenty-First Sunday of the Year celebrates Jesus who in the Eucharist calls and challenges us to follow Him even in the darkness of faith! For His Words are ‘spirit and life’. The Eucharist is the most powerful proclamation of the Word in the power of the Spirit, for the elements of the Earth are utterly transformed in the Living Christ. We glimpse a truly New Creation and are nurtured to bring His divine energy, His infinite Love into our history, our world. So we can build the New heaven and the New Earth.
[2]   With great joy we celebrate the Baptism of seven children, so that they can grow into maturity with the ‘Spirit and Life’  that is Jesus. Please pray for them and their families.
[3]   30 minutes of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 1.00-1.30pm - Theme: The Eucharist: Bread of a New Heaven and a New Earth


Sunday         Proverbs 9: 1-6 / Psalm 33 / Ephesians 5: 15-20 / John 6: 51-58

Monday         Ezechiel 24: 15-24 / Responsorial Deuteronomy 32 / Matthew 19: 16-22

Tuesday        Ezechiel 28: 1-10 / Responsorial Deuteronomy 32 / Matthew 19: 23-30

Wednesday   Ezechiel 34: 1-11/Psalm 22/ Matthew 20: 1-16

Thursday       Ezechiel 36: 23-28 / Psalm 50 / Matthew 22: 1-14

Friday            Apocalypse 21: 9-14 / Psalm 144 / John 1: 45-51

Saturday       Ezechiel 43: 1-7 / Psalm 118 / Matthew 23: 1-12

DIOCESAN PRAYER    The Diocese prays for the Parish in Communion for Mission of Christ the King, Amesbury, served by Fr Anthony Paris and their scattered rural community