SUNDAY:   PARISH MASS for Day of Life at 10.00am

MONDAY:   Feast of St Sharbel Makluf, Maronite (Lebanese) monk (19th Century)
                   Service of Word and Communion at 9.00am

TUESDAY:    Feast of St James, Apostle (Sant Iago de Compostella)
                     Adoration at 5.30pm   Evening Mass at 6.00pm followed by Scripture Group

WEDNESDAY:   Feast of Ss Joachim and Anne, parents of Mary
                          Adoration at 6.00pm   Evening Mass at 6.30pm  

THURSDAY:   Mass at 12.00 noon Adoration  until 1.30pm

FRIDAY:        Adoration  8.15amMorning Prayer at 8.45am Mass at 9.00am
                       Monthly Taizé Prayer at 7.30pm

SATURDAY:     Feast of St Martha of Bethany
                         Adoration at 8.30am    Morning Prayer  at 9.15am     Mass at 9.30am

                                       Sacrament of Reconciliation: after Mass and 4.30-5.00pm

TODAY   [1]   On the Sixteenth Sunday of the Year we continue to explore Jesus’ ‘parables of the Kingdom’ and to celebrate that Jesus calls you and me to serve the building of the that Kingdom upon the earth. And the images He uses so often to teach about the Kingdom of God are about dynamic growth (seeds) and hidden transformation (the yeast). We are called to be His seeds of mercy and healing, His yeast of justice and change in the heart of the world. And he is careful to warn us not to be too hasty in judging who are the sinners and who are the holy! Only God sees to the heart!
[2]   We celebrate today the ‘Annual Day for Life’ recognising the need to protect and value human life form the womb to the tomb. As we seek to protect the unborn, we need to protect with equal vigour the millions of children born into poverty or scarred by war and conflict. As we seek to protect the frail, infirm, elderly and dying, we need equally to value those who care for them and pay just wages. There is a Retiring Collection today for the Anscombe Foundation which is the UK Church’s research and advisory body in Life issues.
[3]   Appropriately, there will be a short input by Epiphania and Charlotte on what as a parish we are trying to do to support those with health and well-being issues.

NEXT SUNDAY   [1]   The Seventeenth Sunday of the Year celebrates that Jesus is the rich treasure that is worth us ‘selling everything’ to gain; and that we are the fine pearls that Jesus has given His life to purchase for eternal life and happiness. He is worth all our heart! And He gives all His Heart to us! He is indeed the bridegroom that lays down his life for us, the Church, HIs Bride - int he Eucharist we celebrate this Bridal love and union! 

DIOCESAN PRAYER  The Diocese prays for the Parish in Communion for Mission of St John the Evangelist, Bath, served by Canon David Ryan and all their community. We pray too for our retired priests living in the St John’s Flats.


Sunday          Wisdom 12: 13, 16-19 / Psalm 85 / Romans 8: 26-27 / Matthew 13: 24-43

Monday         Exodus 14: 5-18 / Responsorial Exodus 15: 1-6 / Matthew 12: 38-42

Tuesday        2 Corinthians 4: 7-15 / Psalm 125 / Matthew 20: 20-28

Wednesday   Exodus 16: 1-5, 9-15 / Psalm 77 / Matthew 13: 1-9

Thursday       Exodus 19: 1-2, 9-11, 16-20 / Responsorial Daniel 3: 52-56 / Matthew 13: 10-17

Friday           Exodus 20: 1-17 / Psalm 18 / Matthew 13: 18-23

Saturday       Exodus 24: 3-8 / Psalm 49 / John 11: 19-27 or Luke 10: 38-42