29th April   Diocesan Group goes to Taizé event in Birmingham

29th April   ‘The Noise’ Praise in the Park at St Werburgh’s Park 2-5pm

3rd May     School Mass of the Resurrection at 9.30am

4th May     Bristol Interfaith Meeting at St Nicks at 7.30pm (Church & Hall)

6th May     Day for Parish Safeguarding Reps at St Patrick’s, Brockworth

7th May     Mass for Catholic Handicapped Fellowship at 3.00pm

8th May     Monthly Day of Adoration 9.30-4.00pm

14th May   Mass for Catholic Deaf Association at 3.00pm

17th May   Parish Pastoral Council at 7.30pm

20th May   Youth Ministry Day at St Brendan’s College 10.30am-4.00pm

20th May   Zimbabwean Mass at 1.30pm

21st May   Mass for Senior Citizens at 3.00pm followed by tea.

23rd May  St Nick’s School Governors meet at 5.30pm

26th May  Monthly Taizé Prayer around the Cross at 7.30pm

28th May  Feast of the Ascension 

4th June   FEAST OF PENTECOST - Sacraments of Initiation

4th June   Mass for the Catholic Handicapped Fellowship at 3.00pm

7th June   Clergy Deanery Meeting for East Bristol

10th June  Charismatic Day of Renewal 10am to 4.00pm at St Nicks

11th June  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity - Baptismal Sunday

16th June  Borderlands ‘Vision Day’

17th June  Zimbabwean Mass at 1.30pm

18th June  Feast of Corpus Christi - First Eucharist of 18 of our children

21st June  Parish Pastoral Council at 7.00pm

22nd June All Bristol Clergy Deanery Meeting

23rd June Feast of the Sacred Heart - Healing Mass at 7.30pm

25th June Corpus Christi Procession after 10.00am Mass