21st Oct   Signed Mass for Catholic Deaf Association at 3.00pm

25th Oct   170 Fund Raising Event - Quiz Night organised by SVP at 7.00pm (Hall)

26th Oct   Meeting planning Anti-Slavery/Trafficking initiative 1.30pm 

27th Oct   Parish Pastoral Council Vision Day 10am to 4.00pm

28th Oct   United One World Week Service at 5.00pm (City Road Baptist Church)

1st Nov    ALL SAINTS DAY - HolyDay of Obligation (Masses 12 noon & 7.00pm)

2nd Nov   ALL SOULS DAY - Day of Devotion (Masses 9.00am & 8.00pm) 

2nd Nov   Parents pre-Baptismal Preparation Session One at 6.30pm (Assisi Centre)

4th Nov    Rite of Child Catechumen at 10am Mass

9th Nov    Parents pre-Baptismal Preparation Session Two at 6.30pm (Assisi Centre)

10th Nov  Diocesan Day introducing Year of Prayer St Brendans 10.00am-3.00pm

10th Nov  Borderlands Trustees Meeting 11.00am to 4.00pm

11th Nov  Parish Forum after 10am mass 12.45-2.45pm (for ALL PARISHIONERS)

13th Nov  Parish Pastoral Council at 7.00pm

18th Nov  Baptismal Sunday at 10am Mass

24th Nov  Charismatic Day of Renewal led by National Service Committee for CR

25th Nov  Feast of Christ the King - Last Sunday of ‘Ordinary Time’

28th Nov  Evening Prayer to launch Year of Prayer at Clifton Cathedral at 7.00pm