24th Dec   Fourth Sunday of Advent - 10.00am Mass with Blessing of Christmas Tree

24th Dec   Christmas Eve - Midnight Mass starts at 10.30pm.

25th Dec   CHRISTMAS DAY - Morning Mass at 10.00am

31st Dec   Feast of the Holy Family - Sunday Mass at 10am

31st Dec   New Year Watch Night Mass at 10.30pm

New Year 2018

1st Jan     Feast of Mary the Mother of God and Mass for Peace  at 10.00am

4th Jan     Parish Pastoral Council at 7.00pm

5th Jan     New Year Healing Mass at 7.30pm

7th Jan    Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

11th Jan  Churches Winter Night Shelter begins at St Nicks

14th Jan  Feast of the Baptism of the Lord - Baptismal Sunday

17th Jan  First Eucharist Programme begins at 4.00pm (Assisi Centre) also for parents

18th Jan  First Reconciliation Programme begins at 4.00pm (Assisi Centre) also for parents

19th Jan  Confirmation Programme begins for our young people at 5.00pm (Assisi Ctre)

21st Jan  Ashley Churches Together Serving United Service for Christian Unity Week

26th Jan  Monthly Taizé Prayer around the Cross at 7.30pm

30th Jan  Parish Finance Committee meets at 7.00pm (presbytery)