20th April   HOLY SATURDAY Great Easter Vigil at 9.00pm
21st April    EASTER SUNDAY Solemn Mass of Easter at 10.00am
24th April   Eucharist Programme resumes (with Parents meeting) 4pm at Assisi Centre
24th April   Parish Pastoral Council at 7.00pm (Assisi Centre)
25th April   Parish Finance Committee in Presbytery at 7.00pm
26th April   Taizé Prayer around the Cross at 7.30pm
28th April   Senior Citizens Mass with Sacrament of Anointing at 3.00pm
4th May       Borderlands Fundraising Organ Concert at Clifton Cathedral at 7.30pm
10th May     Borderlands Trustees Vision Day
11th May     A Day of Prayer with Mary, Mother of the Poor 10am to 4pm St Nicks
18th May    Ethiopian Orthodox Community celebrate Patronal Feastday (in Church)
19th May    LGBT+ Mass and Ministry at 3.00pm
25th May   A Retreat Day led by Little Sisters of Jesus on charism of Bl. Charles de Foucauld
30th May    Feast of the Ascension – Holy Day of Obligation
6th June     National Meeting of Catholic Migrant Officers (Birmingham)
8th June     Borderlands Trustees meeting 11am-4pm
8th June     Vigil Mass of Pentecost at 8.00pm
11th June    All Bristol Deaneries Meeting
16th June   Feast of the Most Holy Trinity – Baptismal Sunday
16th June   LGBT+ Mass and Ministry at 3.00pm
23rd June Feast of Corpus Christi – First Eucharist Sunday
3rd June    Mass for the Catholic Handicapped Fellowship at 3.00pm
28th June  Feast of the Sacred Heart
30th June  Feast of Ss Peter and Paul