The healing touch of God

The Church is called by the Healing Jesus to be a community of Healing at the heart of the brokenness of our world. Jesus brought the Kingdom of the Father, the reign of Love’s Wholeness and Freedom, breaking into people’s lives through His extensive Ministry of Healing and Liberation. We are a healing community by the quality of our welcome, by the gentleness of our loving, by the courage of our standing alongside each other, by the receptivity of our listening to the pain that struggles to be heard, by the depth of faith and compassion that we bring to our praying with others in their need. The Church’s Healing Ministry is not just about the Sacrament of Healing administered by priests – it is about all of us, the baptised, our faith to expect God to heal, our love in holding the hurting, and the courage of our struggling for peace and for justice in our broken world.

November – A month to remember and pray for the dead

We remember not only the dead of the wars that have been the scourge of past 100 years, but in this month all the Faithful Departed, all ‘who have gone before marked with the sign faith’ and indeed all of deceased humanity for all are precious in God’s eyes. Please take a Memorial Sheet today and fill in the names of all whom you want to be prayed for and remembered at every Mass celebrated in the parish this November. They are with the Bulletin this week. Our prayer for them becomes part of God’s loving them into the fulness of their lives!

St Nicholas of Tolentino – Lover of God, Lover of the poor

St Nicholas, lover of children, born like Samuel, Samson and John the Baptist of barren parents, the gift of God to his parents, and his parents gift to God in return.
St Nicholas, who learnt to break bread with the poor long before he learnt to break the Bread of the Eucharist – risking his future in obedience to the God of the Poor and disobeying the voices of those who knew not the poor man of Nazareth.
St Nicholas, man of prayer who entered Love’s silence in order the proclaim Love’s Saving Word.
St Nicholas, vessel of God’s healing love, from whom healing and life flowed in all abundance, raising the dead, healing the woulds, setting free.
St Nicholas, God’s compassion to the prisoner, God’s protector and rescuer of the prostitute, listening with a gentle heart and an open mind.
St Nicholas, reaching in praying love beyond the bridge of death, holding the Departed in the purifying love of God. 
St Nicholas, inspirer of our mission, healer of our wounds!