1.   Jesus is being crucified today when schools and hospitals are targeted, when communities are victims of barbaric bombing and shelling, gas and chemical attacks; when brutal war is waged in Ukraine, Syria and Yemen, in Cameroon and Mali; when in the land of His birth Palestinian rights to freedom and a homeland are violently repressed and walls of division are built between between Palestinian and Israeli.

2.   Jesus is being crucified today when we refuse to change our life-style but continue to abuse our beautiful planet, exploiting the earth rather than living in joyful communion with creation; when 35 million people are on the verge of famine because of climate change, war and corruption and 78 million sisters and brothers are forced to flee their homeland and live as refugees.

3.   Jesus is being crucified today as millions still suffer with the Coronavirus, when poor countries with inadequate health systems can do little to care for the sick or combat the pandemic; when vaccines are not shared with poorer countries, when millions are locked in their homes and fear being infected; when selfishness ignores the need to act safely or be vaccinated in order to protect the whole community. 

4. Jesus is being crucified today when our young people have no hope, no jobs and turn to drugs and alcohol; when addiction drives young and old into the dark world of crime and violence; when the poor of our nation are the greatest victims pf soaring inflation and growing poverty with little or no help from government, as benefits are cut for the poorest and most vulnerable, and essential social services are reduced.

5.   Jesus is being crucified today when, like Jesus, women and men are wrongfully imprisoned; when others are tortured for their religious beliefs or political aspirations; and when developed nations like the United States and China keep thousands on death-row awaiting execution, and when our own nation imprisons in our Detention Centres and now threatens to ‘export like cattle’ the innocent and vulnerable who seek safe asylum among us to Rwanda.

6.  Jesus is being crucified today whenever survivors are haunted by memories of the Holocaust and Genocides in Rwanda, the Darfur, Serbia, Cambodia, China, and Myanmar, knowing this evil continues today in Ukraine; and minds and hearts are scarred as well as their bodies; when millions die unnoticed in the Congo because we want their minerals for our computers, when both Moslems and Christians live in fear of murder and abduction by extremist groups.

7.   Jesus is being crucified today when children and the vulnerable are hurt or abused, especially by members of the Church; when children are deprived of the love they need to grow whole and happy; when adults do not act to protect them from all harm; when people live for decades with inner pain because of past abuse.

8.  Jesus is being crucified today when children are raised in a culture of violence, learning to be violent and aggressive to each other; when children and young people are perpetrators and victims of knife crime on our streets; when they are manipulated into ‘County Lines’ to deal drugs or used as cheap labour or child soldiers, or for sexual exploitation; when the rights of child refugees are not recognised and respected.

9.   Jesus is being crucified today when LBGT+ people are not embraced with love by the Church or are discriminated against and their lives threatened around the world – and blasphemously in the name of God!

10.   Jesus is being crucified today when women and men are abused, trafficked and used for sex or slave labour; when women live in fear of sexual harassment and violence , when their voices are not heard and their gifts not valued, when they are refused equality and dignity,  whether in marriage,  in society or in the Church.

11.  Jesus is being crucified today when parents grieve the loss of their child, when children die in the womb for whatever reason, when hopes for the future lie shattered through separation or bereavement; when in a wealthy country like ours we cannot value and care adequately for our elderly, and the homeless are given no hope of proper shelter and housing in which to build their lives and raise their families with dignity.

  1.     Jesus is crucified today when peaceful change is violently repressed by brutal regimes using terror and massacre as in Hong Kong and Myanmar, and when refugees and asylum-seekers are harshly treated by host countries like our own, detained without trial while innocent of any crime, or perish in the waters of the Mediterranean or the English Channel and crossing mountain ranges or locked out of freedom by razor-wire border fences; when nations build walls of hostility rather than bridges of welcome and drive refugees into the hands of human traffickers and modern slavers; when racism goes unchallenged and the victims of racial violence go unheeded.

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