Every Lent is a ‘Springtime’ of growth and renewal – a time for self-awareness, for change, for growth in Christ – A PRIVILEGED TIME OF GRACE.  In communion with Pope Francis we seek to be a People of simplicity and humility, a People of the ‘Joy of the Gospel’. Seek and find more of God, open to the embrace of His love. 

After the challenges and deprivations of this Covid period, and in the midst of the terrible war in Eastern Europe, you and I need this Lent – to grow again our community of prayer, community of unity and healing, community of mission, community of Love! truly disciples in God’s Family! You need the parish this Lent – and the parish needs you! SO WILL YOU EMBRACE THE DISCIPLINE OF LENT, GIVE TIME AND ENERGY TO MAKE THIS A TIME OF RENEWAL FOR YOURSELF, YOUR PARISH AND YOUR COMMUNITY?  Let us together make this a Season filled with ‘the Joy of the Gospel’, drawing closer to God,  especially in the Eucharist and the intimacy of prayer,  drawing closer together as God’s Family, and serving together the parish family and the world’s poor.  

We have so many opportunities for prayer and service, for involvement and sharing responsibility in our parish. Have we grown so used to some of them, that we no longer value them?


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; Weekly Scripture Sharing Group; weekday Mass; Stations of the Cross; Parish Facebook Prayer and Talks; caring for and sharing with the Poor (eg CAFOD and our FoodBank/Caritas Fund; Praying for Peace in Ukraine and elsewhere (the Rosary?); the Prayer of stillness, Prayer of the Heart for 15 minutes a day.

IT IS TIME TO REDISCOVER THE VALUE OF THESE, AND DRINK AFRESH FROM THE DEEP POOLS OF PEACE, THE VIBRANT WELLSPRINGS OF THE SPIRIT.  Do not let this Lent pass you by – give yourself and you will receive a full measure, brimming over! WHAT KIND OF LENT WILL YOU HAVE IN 2022?

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