We are in a special ‘time of the Spirit’ – Climate Change demanding courageous and urgent action; the Catholic Church’s Two Global Synod, calling all Catholics (and many others too) to speak their voice loud and clear, to listen with care and respect to other’s voices and so to discern ‘what the Spirit is saying to the Church today’. How do we reform and renew the Church to be fit for Mission in the 21st Century? How do we purify the Church of clericalism, careerism, authoritarianism and so build a ‘new way of being Church’? How do we ensure authentic equality for all members of the Church? Believing we are a ‘Eucharistic Community in Mission’ how do we bring an end to the ‘Eucharistic Famine’ the majority of our sisters and brothers endure? How will we align the Church with the poor and marginalised and welcome all without judgement and rejection? So please use our Parish Prayer for the Synod and the seven prayer intentions published here:

Synod – Parish Prayer

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