JUNE – MONTH OF THE SACRED HEART           June is dedicated to pondering the immensity of divine humanity – God with a human heart Who loves us beyond the breaking of His Heart. God is at least as vulnerable and tender, open to experiencing our pain (such is the depth of His love) as He is all-powerful. He is both creator and pain-bearer. The Sacred Heart of Jesus calls us to enter into His opened, pierced Heart and find there our home, the source of our poor loving, and the woundedness that will heal every wound of our hearts and lives. Not only does His love pour out like water of life on the dry ground of our desert love-less Earth, but He invites us to come and enter in to His own pain-bearing, ever forgiving and peace-making Heart and become a flame of His love cast upon the Earth, a co-worker with Him in the endless task of re-shaping the world and our sisters and brothers in the gentle power of the Divine Love in us and through us! ALLELUIA!!

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