Introduction and recap – Explored God, Abba Father, unconditional love and mercy; Jesus, flesh of the Eternal Word, the Cosmic Christ, the origin and the goal of our evolving Universe and Jesus the Word made Flesh in a moment of history.Today we will explore Jesus as Son and Servant – His three years of ministry.

[1] To begin at the Beginning!  His Baptism in the Jordan River: Matt 3: 13-17 a moment of commitment to the will of the Father; a journey; in his humanity, a breakthrough in intimate relationship as Son of Abba! the Spirit comes, the eternal bond of love within the community of love that is God; a new Power to serve being beloved Son liberates to be Servant, eventually the Suffering Servant.

[2] The Spirit leads Him into the wilderness to confront every temptation to abuse power, to use it for self instead of in service to the other, to the Kingdom, the Humanity. Having won victory over the temptations to serve self, gather community – friends and disciples. God is community! Genesis – not good that man or woman be alone! Community of witness, proclamation and service.

[3] Matt 4: 23-25 His Mission begins – proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom; Healing and challenging evil (Liberating). Word and Action the Word is the Action of God changing people and communities – in-breaking of the Kingdom into peoples lives. Challenge to Church as continuing that same Mission.

[4] Proclamation of the Word – must live the word to proclaim the Word. St Francis to his brothers. 

[5] Importance of Healing – sickness was associated as sign of sin (man born blind) and curse of or rejection by God. Jesus says NO! Healing as a journey into wholeness and an experience of God’s loving and transformation of our lives. Healing of individuals, healing of communities, challenging social and religious taboos and norms (woman with the heamorage)

[6] Challenging evil and liberatingLuke 4: 16-22 – Jesus’ self understanding.

[7] The conflict that comes when God and Divine Compassion becomes more important than the religious institutions and their rules! – part of the story of Holy Week!

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