Matt 16: vv 13-16

WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? – the fundamental question for every Christian! Is He about individual salvation, rescuing individuals from the an evil world? or is He Lord of all Creation, involved in transforming all things into the goodness and love and glory of God?  Is He about being Church or is He about being Human? Is He my personal Lord and saviour or is He Lord of all Creation? How we answer this question will determine how we see our calling as disciples of Jesus, servants and witnesses of this Jesus and His on-going Mission until the end of time. 

John 1: 1-5 & 14, 16 The source of all being, all creation. The Eternal Word – Greek ‘Logos’  Hebrew ‘Dabar’ – Word is an event, a creativity, giving existence and meaning, the eventfulness of God – in human flesh, human history. Jesus is the central point of Cosmic Evolution. 

Ephesians 1: 10 God is bringing ‘all things in heaven and earth together’ until Christ is ‘all in all’ – the goal of creation

Colossians 1: 15-17 The source and goal of all creation

Colossians 1: 17-20 He is the breakthrough to a new Humanity (the ‘first-born’, the fullness of our being – ‘all fullness found in Him’). He is ‘reconciling all things in Himself’ and we are part of His work of transformation for ‘He is Head of the Body, the Church’ that we are part of. We are called to be co-workers with Him in transforming Humanity, transforming Creation. Scientists are describing this era as that epoch of evolution whereby we human beings are not just part of evolution, but we are now shaping evolution. The Divine design for our evolving universe.

Revelation 21: 1-6 Jesus is the ‘Alpha and Omega, the beginning and source of everything and the goal or ‘end’ of everything. And we are part of making a New heaven and a New Earth, part of making ‘all creation new’.

We will explore what this means for our sense of mission as we will also explore other aspects of Jesus, the Word made Flesh in the reflections of the coming days. 

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