On Being Prophets

With the Twentieth Sunday of the Year we celebrate Jesus the Prophet who knows the cost of witnessing to the truth – so often rejection and persecution. He challenges his disciples (that is, us!) to make difficult choices that many, including those close to us, will not understand. He calls us to have the courage to stand for justice, equality, inclusion of all no matter what opposition or vilification we might experience. The fire He brings to the Earth is the purifying fire of God’s love poured out in the Holy Spirit – a Spirit that renews the face of the earth. Dare we share the Spirit’s work? If we are true to Jesus and the Gospel, if we resolutely stand by the poor and rejected, if we uphold the right of the LGBT+ community to be true to themselves and their identity – then we too must expect to pay the price of discipleship, the cost of being true to our baptism, when we were anointed as Priests of creation, Builders of the Kingdom and Prophets of God’s all-inclusive and universal love. Often that ‘persecution’ will come from those close to us in the family that is the Church!

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