For the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY Resurrection Glory – His or ours?

Jesus famously said of His Father and also of his disciples: ‘Everything I have is yours and everything you have is Mine!’ He also said ‘I have come to bring you Life in all its fullness’.
The Assumption of Our Lady is the fulfilment of these words. His Resurrection, however wonderful, would be a meaningless miracle had it not been also our resurrection, our coming to the fulness of Life. The Assumption is Mary, our sister, our fellow disciple as well as our mother, the great ‘type’ or exemplar of the what it is to be Church, shining with the glory of the Resurrection we all will share. Like so much about Mary, it is not that she is uniquely privileged but rather that God shows us through her all that we are called to become. Her Assumption is the pledge of Christ’s promise to ‘Raise you up’ to Eternal (ie fullness of) Life. His Victory over death is truly ours because it is hers!

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