Reflection for the Feast of Transfiguration

FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION IS ALSO HIROSHIMA DAY! Tuesday marks one of the great Feasts of the Lord – His Transfiguration on the mountain of glory – when Jesus’ humanity shone with glory of God and the Father’s voice spoke of Abba’s great love for His Son, Jesus, and the cloud of divine glory (the Holy Spirit) overwhelmed the three apostles. The Glory of God is humanity fully alive: this is what we behold on the mountain, and His Glory is also ours, embedded within our humanity. The Spirit overshadows us so that we too might be ‘fully alive’ and life-giving. It is one of the most tragic ironies that Hiroshima was destroyed by the first Atomic Bomb on this day – destruction and death on a Day of Life! Two days later an all Catholic Air Crew dropped the second Atom bomb, destroying the city and people of Nagasaki, the most Christian and Catholic city of the Orient. Centuries before it was the site of many Catholic Martyrs, crucified for their Faith – in 1946 hundreds of thousands were crucified in nuclear holocaust! Lord that we might transfigure your world with a divine peace and humanity and never again unleash to dark cloud of nuclear destruction of sisters and brothers, of our environment and future generations.

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