The Church has instituted two new Feasts for the Universal Church – 

[1] the Feast of Jesus Christ the High Priest, expressing that Jesus is the the Eternal Priest who offers the sacrifice of himself. This is a feast of the Priesthood of all Believers, the profound priesthood that we all share by Baptism and confirmation. It does NOT celebrate ordained priesthood. Ordained ministry serves the Priesthood of every Christian – so this Feast of Christ the Priest challenges us all to offer the sacrifice of our own lives in service of our sisters and brothers, in the service of the whole world and all creation. We are priests of Creation – giving voice to creations praise of God as the psalms so often express.

[2] the Feast of Mary, the Mother of the Church celebrates that Mary, filled with the Spirit at the Annunciation and once again at Pentecost is the model for all discipleship. God teaches us through her how to be authentic Church, how to give flesh to the Word in our present world, how to lay our lives open to the overshadowing Spirit of God, how to risk everything (as she did) for the love of God and the salvation of our world. She is out mother, our sister, the first and greatest of the disciples – may she guide us to ‘treasure the Word in our hearts’, utter our ‘Yes’ to God’s call in our lives, give Christ to our waiting world, throw wide open our lives to empowering Holy Spirit and how to walk lovingly and gently alongside our sisters and brothers in the Church and indeed all humanity.

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