WHO IS THIS WHO ASCENDS INTO GLORY?   Ascension? Some kind of medieval throw-back – a myth that belongs to a ‘flat earth’ past? As if Heaven was up there somewhere! Can we believe in the Ascension in our modern world of Hubble telescopes and deep space exploration?

Yet this is our brother, our flesh, our humanity, gathered up into the Divine, carrying us and all that is human into the very inner life of God, of the Trinity. His ascension is ours, for He carries us with Him, in Him. Ascension is not some weird and divine form of space travel, but rather the wonder of our transformation into a divine humanity. This is the Feast of our human dignity, for we are being ‘divinised’ as the great saints and mystics have dared to say, following the teaching of St John and St Paul. 

Forever our flesh is now ‘seated at the right hand of the Father’, sharing the throne of God, utterly caught up in infinite and eternal loving that creates the Universe! No wonder He sends us out with this Good News to tell all the world, all creation!

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