Last year we marked the ‘Year of Mission’ by preparing for two new missions in our parish community – combatting Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and a ministry to the Catholic LGBT+ community. Both were launched earlier this year. We are listening to Luke’s Gospel and one of his many themes is prayer. His Gospel begins with the people of Israel at prayer at the Temple as John the Baptist’s birth is announced to Zechariah the priest; his Gospel ends with the New Israel, the disciples of Jesus  praising God at Jesus’s Ascension (our birth into eternal life) and gathering in the upper Room waiting for ‘power from on high’ – the Holy Spirit. If we are to fulfil the challenges of Mission, we are called to be a people of prayer, open to the Spirit, whose gifts and charisms will empower the Mission of Unconditional Love which Jesus entrusts to us: Come, Spirit!  

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