On Priesthood: Priest – Prophet and Shepherd

The priest is the servant of the Eucharist, who gathers the People of God that the Spirit might form us as the Missionary Body of Christ, and then sends us out into the world to work with God – co-creators with the Father, bearers of healing Salvation with Jesus and renewers of the face of the Earth with the Spirit.
The priest is our brother who walks with us and helps us listen together to the Voice of the Spirit in our times – to see ‘the Sign of the Times’ that we the Church might be God’s radical love poured out with abundant generosity into the hurting heart of the world..
As a brother he is our shepherd who needs us all to be shepherds; he is a prophet who challenges us – and wants to be challenged by us! He is a leader who knows how to serve, a preacher who knows how to listen, a prophet who has the courage both to challenge and be challenged.
The ordained priest and the Priestly People – journeying with one another in faith and love, forming each other as a People of Hope, a People of Love, a People of Mission – God’s People!

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