Richard is proud of his Scottish origins, but has lived and worked all his life in England. He has been a Roman Catholic priest of Clifton Diocese for 44 years, working for 40 years in very impoverished Outer Estate and Inner City parishes.

For over 13 years he was RC Chaplain at HM Prison Bristol. Influenced by both Charismatic Renewal and Liberation Theology he finds the reality of oppression and poverty the source for theology and mission.

Some years ago he was co-chair of an expanding project that established four houses for ex-prisoners, and is involved with racial justice and supporting people seeking safe sanctuary ('asylum') in this country.
Recently, working with others in the parish of St Nicks and beyond, he has been part of establishing a new charity, 'BORDERLANDS - from exclusion to BELONGING', in order to resource and secure the very costly service ministries of the parish, especially our work with refugees and those seeking safe sanctuary (or asylum) and the work with homeless people. 

He has long been Chair of Bishopʼs Committee for Health and Healing and represents the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales on the English Churches Together for Healing.

With others in the diocese he pioneered the development of Child Protection (now called ʻSafeguardingʼ) in Catholic Church both on a national as well as diocesan level and remains a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Commission. Being adopted himself, he feels privileged to be Chaplain to the CCS Adoption (our Diocesan Childrenʼs Society).

Committed to working not only ecumenically but also across all faiths, he serves on Bristolʼs Multi-Faith Forum. He has a passion for the unity of the Church and its mission to bring justice, equality and freedom to the oppressed of our world.

His parish has over 60 nationalities represented in the congregation week by week, and the worship reflects this cultural diversity, eg singing in different languages, and a multicultural choir, as well as often the Scripture readings are in a number of languages. A major part of his Pastoral work is in support of those seeking safe asylum and sanctuary in our country.